My World, Blanketed

Newborn babes swaddled against February cold,
my mother with end-of-life chill, carefully wrapped
in snowflake dotted red, like a holiday gift.
My cat on his cozy throw, dreaming
as a crunch of russet leaves
blankets the grass.

Under covers, entwined, we wait for spring.

A quadrille for dVerse, where I’m hosting tonight. The word is blanket.

79 thoughts on “My World, Blanketed

  1. A lovely collection of blankets, Merril, and all put to excellent use. I love the use of sound in โ€˜a crunch of russet leaves / blankets the grassโ€™.

  2. There is such comfort embedded (pun intended!) in the word blanket. Fleece blankets have a fuzzy warmth that can’t be beat, regardless of the occasion, which you so aptly lay out in your poem.

  3. Nicely done, Merril! As someone who can’t stand to be cold, there’s something comforting about cuddling up with the perfect blanket. This reminded me of my nephew. When he was a toddler, he had a favorite blanket that he took everywhere. When he got upset he’d rub it against the side of his face. I remember once, his lip curled, ready to break out into tears over something. Instead, he ran across the room, grabbed his blankie and rubbed it against his cheek and never cried.

    • Thank you, Jill.
      I had a security blanket when I was a child. We have lots of throw blankets around because it gets cold in our house in the winter (and I keep the temperature down). I have a favorite one on the couch though, which is a cat magnet. ๐Ÿ˜€
      I know the gesture you mean. My older daughter used to take her Humpty stuffed animal’s leg and rub it on her cheek like that.

  4. Our youngest grandson wanted a weighted blanket for his 13th birthday, so we got him one. Apparently, they are all the rage now. These blankets weigh 15-20 pounds (gasp!) and are intended to swaddle, to add weight and warmth to restless bodies at night.

    Your photos are lovely, especially the way your swaddle your baby!

  5. So sweet to think about the newborn, but I hope that Grandma was able to see that newborn too. My mother passed away when I was 23 and that was always one thing…My mom would’ve loved her grandbabies!

    • Thank you, and I’m so sorry.
      My mom died this past April, and she was 97, so she did get to spend much time with my daughters and attend both their weddings. My father died when they were in elementary school, so he never got to see them grow up.

  6. kaykuala
    Under covers, entwined,
    we wait for spring.

    Somehow the cold months seem to invite abhorrence that the greenery of Spring is awaited for in contrast! The outside of the house looks more inviting with the expected colours! Wonderful write Merril!


  7. Precious use of blankets, each one, and more meaningful than words can say, except you say it very well, even in the unsaid. Somehow you made the wait for spring, wrapped in these blankets, wonderful.

  8. I love that you’ve included the baby photo. When my first son was born in November in the UK, he didn’t see the sun for 6 months. A sad image of your mother ‘with end-of-life chill’ but still comforting that she is blanketed, literally and also by love.

    • Thank you very much. Both my daughters were born in February, so they were definitely wrapped in blankets. ๐Ÿ˜€ And my mom didn’t move around much in her last couple years, so she was always cold. My great-nephew bought her the blanket as a Christmas present.

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