If I Ask

Winslow Homer, “Watching the Breakers” 1891

Moonlight’s sea-spray songs
lather, pound, and lick the rocks,
in dream whispers they shape-shift
through purple mist, bear away time-aches,
turning black to blue

~as I watch~

the sky blushes pink–
and is it enough
to wing away the dark-shadowed night?
And if I ask what love is,
will the white-feathered wind answer hope?

Today’s message from the Magnetic Poetry Oracle.

34 thoughts on “If I Ask

  1. So beautiful and mysterious. I love the themes of reflection and isolation. I also love the sea imagery, and well, anything lost at sea. The beginning lines paint a vivid scene and I love the essence of the poem that feels like the narrator is calling out to nature for an answer when no one else is there but the sea. Beautiful work. ❤️

  2. Lovely, magical poem, Merril.
    The last 2 lines are brilliant, and the photo perfect.
    Homer Winslow is a wonderful artist of Americana. I have a cherished book of some of his works, a gift from Sam Waterston.

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