Jeremy Harbeck, North Star Bay, Greenland, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

the magnetic north roams

to Siberia
under rocky plates it riffs, shifts, reverses course

in search of answers
we all seek–

but encompass me in moonlight,
(not) polar opposites,

we spin, sing, bodies electric,
attracted, charged,

surging, urging—so, star-dusted cling–
luminosity bring.

A quadrille for dVerse, where De asks us to use some form of the word magnet.

58 thoughts on “Spinning

  1. This is SO beautiful, especially:

    “to Siberia
    under rocky plates it riffs, shifts, reverses course

    in search of answers
    we all seek–”

    This speaks to me in looking to nature for answers, but instead finding understanding in someone else that just GETS you. Really beautiful piece from start to finish. ❤ ❤

  2. My goodness this is good! The quadrille sings of clarity with a douse of confusion tha t makes for a profound experience. Yes, it happens. And you describe it gorgeously, Merril 💝💝

  3. This really packs a punch in 44 words and I especially love the ending, like a plea to unite into clarity….
    “surging, urging—so, star-dusted cling–
    luminosity bring”

  4. I love the description of magnetic north as ‘inconstant’, Merril, and the internal slant-rhyme ‘riffs, shifts’, the way you pin that inconstant lover down in the moonlight – and the play on the word ‘encompassed’!.

  5. I’m putting a new “spin” on your spinning post. I think you have taken a spinning class at the gym. My Pilates class has moved to Zoom.

    Free association from me today, Merril!

  6. Really enjoyed this one! Like especially these words
    “but encompass me in moonlight,
    (not) polar opposites,”
    juxtaposed to us all spinning and twirling, surging and urging.
    Life is like that! 🙂

  7. Though you start with the shifting of magnetic north, I see this as being brave, to not be locked down. Rather, to be open to taking a chance when opportunity presents itself.

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