And Now for Something Completely Different: An Interview with Frank

Here’s Frank–you guessed it, at the beach!

I’m doing something different today! Here’s my interview with Frank.

Aren’t you Frank of “A Frank Angle?” Can you tell us why you decided to end that blog, and why you’re now beginning a new one?
Hi Merril. Yes, it’s me, and thanks for the interview.

A Frank Angle had a wonderful 11+ years with 2,304 posts. Stepping away from it was a long, difficult, through-out decision. I designed the ending to give closure to myself and my loyal readers. In retrospect, I’m very happy I did it that way. In my last post (February 2020), I announced the possibility of a new blog with a fresh look, but only focusing on the beach walks series that I started on the old blog. Besides, I miss my WordPress encounters with the many good people in the world.

How does your new blog differ from your old blog?
Even though I had a pattern, A Frank Angle covered a variety of topics. Beach Walk Reflections will feature thoughts from thinking while walking on the beach. Each walk focuses on a single topic, but topics are random. I’m amazed at how the mind can go deeper than expected when given the chance. I hope that readers find them relaxing with a touch of philosophy.

I’ve heard you’re a ballroom dancer. Can you tell us more about that? How did you get started?
We started watching Dancing With The Stars in season 2 (2006). I’m guessing several years later I purchased an introductory package from a dance studio as a birthday present for my wife, and we didn’t stop. Ballroom is a social activity for us, so we don’t compete or perform at any studio event. It’s also good exercise, it keeps the brain active, and we have met many wonderful people. However, COVID has halted our ballroom. We miss both dancing and our dance friends!

I know traveling is something you enjoy, as well. Has that always been something you’ve enjoyed? Do you have an all-time special trip, or a place you’d like to return to? Is there someplace that you’ve always wanted to see but haven’t yet had a chance to visit?
We love traveling, so canceling 2020 trips of Seattle to Glacier National Park to Seattle and cruising Norway were disappointments. We enjoy going to different places, both in the US and in Europe. We hope to visit as many US states and European countries as possible. With hopes of travel returning, we are planning 2021 trips. I can’t get enough of Italy, but I’m biased about the land of my heritage.

What time of day do you like to write? And where do you like to write?
This one makes me chuckle. I admire the many disciplined writers setting aside a dedicated time and place for writing. Given the eclectic nature of my writing topics, I write when the urge or need arises. Besides, I don’t take my writing as seriously as others. For me, summer is a busy time – so I write less. Sometimes topics stew in my mind, so I record notes of thoughts. On the other hand, there are times when I immerse myself in writing. As you know, some of my topics on the old blog required research, and I find that exciting. With Beach Walk Reflections, I already have 130 walks at some of the development and a long list of potential topics. Most of the time I write on my laptop while sitting in a chair. Sometimes I even start with pen and paper.

Is there anything else you’d like to share? How can we find you?
My life is like my old blog – wide-ranging. Whether it’s golfing, walking, playing pickleball, dancing, playing handbells, traveling, or attending plays, events, festivals, or movies, we stay reasonably busy. I also have a very focused side, and Beach Walk Reflections will show that. I invite your readers to visit and learn about ways to follow the new blog. The first actual walk went up yesterday–“Introducing.” By the way, you first commented on A Frank Angle on January 15th, 2015 on a post about the movie Selma, so I hope you return to Beach Walk Reflections.

Of course, I will, Frank!

And one thing more– I wrote a poem inspired by a line from one of Frank’s previous beach walk posts.You can read it here.

The beach at Ocean City, NJ–a beach walk we took on our anniversary in June this year. ©️Merril D. Smith 2020

36 thoughts on “And Now for Something Completely Different: An Interview with Frank

  1. Thank you, Merril. I invite your readers over to Beach Walk Reflections. To me, the walks will be a combination of relaxation, reflection, and intrigue – plus I will be interactive with commenters because that’s what I do. As mentioned, yesterday was the first walk, and I was pleased with the start. Hope to see you on the beach.

  2. How nice to meet another blogger, Merril. As a beach lover, Frank’s blog title immediately captured my attention. I’ll be sure to check it out. I hope he and his wife are back in the ballroom soon. Thanks for the great interview.

  3. Frank, I admire your ability to purposely close down a well-established blog…and then to recreate a new one is even more applaudable! Best of luck!
    Merrill: what a unique idea for an interview: the launching of a new blog. Great fun to read.(And of course your poetry always rings true for me, too)

  4. I was just considering a pantoum…beautiful the first time and still so.
    I too enjoy being introduced to new blogs. I don’t know when I’ll ever get to the beach again so it was a vicarious pleasure to follow Frank on his walk. (K)

  5. HI Frank! I just commented on your new blog (which is beautiful). Hi Merril. How nice of you to re-introduce us to Frank (not that we ever forgot him!) So glad Frank is back here with us in the blogosphere. I can listen to his surf sounds ten times a day. And Frank, OC, NJ!! I was there the end of July for the week. No rain – all sun (and HOT) every day. Would be fun to walk with you one of these years at sunrise. Merril will drive over for the day and join us. 🙂
    In the meantime, I revel in reading both of your blogs. ❤

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