Early Morning

Heron, Early Morning on the Delaware at Red Bank Battlefield, October. ©️Merril D. Smith, 2020

Love lives a thousand times,
a dazzle of moon music; star sighs
through lightless sky and blood dreams

~the wind whispers, and the river murmurs

and if we listen–
under deep cover, the earth remembers,
blooms over and over again.

My message from the Magnetic Poetry Oracle. She knows the world, the seasons, and all about deep time.

24 thoughts on “Early Morning

    • Thank you, and it is funny. But I thought your final verse and sort of the same tone as mine.
      There were a bunch of Trumpsters driving down a nearby street earlier today–pickup trucks, honking horns, huge flags. All show, no substance, like their leader. UGHHH!

  1. Your river has a pensive look this morning. I particuarly appreciate the connection between love reborn and the earth blooming. It’s a good way of thinking of love, as continually regenerating.

  2. I think we all have the same message in the end…not man, but the cosmos, the earth, is what needs listening to, what needs our attention. Even and especially when it seems to be hidden. It has been quite grey here also of late…(K)

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