It’s DeepTimeDay!

For those who don’t follow me on other social media sites, here’s my attempt at filming and reading my poem, “Surfacing” from Deep Time Vol. 2.

This is a poetry project by Black Bough Poetry inspired by Robert MacFarlane’s book, Underland. I have one poem in vol. 1 and two poems in vol.2.

Today poets involved with this will be sharing their poems on social media with the hashtag #DeepTimeDay.

40 thoughts on “It’s DeepTimeDay!

  1. Thanks, Merril. It is always cool to hear a poem in the poet’s own voice. It was a nice touch to film it in a natural setting. My copy of the collection arrived last week and I am gradually making my way through the poems.

  2. Fantastic! I agree with Jill, you have a ‘perfect’ voice for ‘reciting’.
    Great job on the tech side of things, too.
    Did you use your phone or special equipment to do the vid – same question for the audio.

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