Space Dancers

“However, what it is really exciting about NGC 1097 is that it is not wandering alone through space. It has two small galaxy companions, which dance “the dance of stars and the dance of space” like the gracious dancer of the famous poem The Dancer by Khalil Gibran.” 
Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA. Acknowledgement: E. Sturdivant

Somewhere in space, impossibly it seems,
the stars always sing. They bring to rings of light,
celestial rhythm, a chance to dance, a sort of space romance,
a stellar pas de deux.

In whirling-waltz, they swirl possibly unaware,
of sparks flame-shot in incandescent flares.

A quadrille for dVerse, where De has asked us to use some form of the word possible.

68 thoughts on “Space Dancers

  1. Swooning I am 😀 there is such allure in the mysteries, in the workings of space that beguile us from afar. Especially love; “they swirl possibly unaware, of sparks flame.” Yes! 💝

  2. “chance to dance, a sort of space romance,
    a stellar pas de deux.”

    Oh, this is just fascinating wordplay and what mesmerizing imagery. My word, this is incredible! A galactic love upon the stars. Space is perpetual and you communicate that depth wonderfully. Extremely well-written. ❤ ❤

  3. This is so delicate and ethereal, metaphysical and cosmic consciousness, stunning far-out piece. This is the Dance of Death, since most stars burned out eons ago.

  4. I love the thought that ‘somewhere in space… the stars always sing’, and the wonderful internal rhyming in ‘a chance to dance, a sort of space romance’ – a stellar pas de deux indeed, Merril!

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