Ilya Repin, “What Freedom!”

If how we need the sea is an ache,
then why? The wanting to return to a dream,
recalling water in diamond sprays on purple rocks and salted air,
flying starward to eternity—this is the before and after,
light and shadow, rhythm and music of the vast then and now,
a wild blue breeze. We surrender to time, wake to a universe of poetry,
together scream through the storm, our honeyed laughter soars, lingering.

This is an ekphrastic message from the Oracle. As I was writing, I got the image of this painting in my head. She’s obviously a fan, and a bit of romantic–at least today.

27 thoughts on “Together

  1. I love your ekphrastic poem! I can feel that lift of freedom and joy in my chest.

    What I find particuarly intriguing is that I see a different story in the painting, the story of a wildly impractical husband whose wife has to follow after him cleaning up the mess. (The seawater has ruined our leather boots and woolen overcoats, Ivan. Where are we going to get the money to replace them after you’ve spent all our savings on this extravagant vacation at the seaside?)

    Isn’t ekphtastic inspiration grand!

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