November Clouds

Nearly every day I find something in the natural world that astounds me with its beauty– a single wildflower, a shy, graceful deer, or a stunning cloudscape over the Delaware River. When I walk, usually early in the morning, I’m often filled with wonder—a sensation of body and mind. This morning, I almost didn’t walk because of the rain and thunder, but it stopped, and I went out to see the most incredible sky.

golden leaves glow
against charcoal clouds they dance,
fall in nature’s rhythm

Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield. November Sky. ©️Merril D. Smith, 2020

This is for Kim’s prompt at dVerse, to write a haibun “about a time when you last watched stars, a storm, the sea, an animal, or something else in nature that left you with a sense of wonder or awe.”

73 thoughts on “November Clouds

  1. I love your photos of the Delaware river, Merril – this one is in stark contrast to the sunlit peaceful scenes of the previous week. I always find wonderment in nature and you’ve certainly invoked that feeling here.

  2. That sky is breathtaking. Glad you went for your walk! The complexities and beauties that the natural world provides are often stunning, such as the picture of the sky you shared. Beautifully penned. ❤ ❤

  3. Such a compact haibun, yet a glorious sense of wonder. Like the Japanese, I take “forest bathes”, just being exhilarated by walking in the forest.

  4. I know a little about the beauty you find on your walks from your photographs on social media, Merril, which I enjoy very much, especially the reflections. I used to walk in the early morning when we had a dog, and it’s when the best poems are born. I love the colours in your haiku!

  5. I adore your photos of the Delaware river, Merril! 😀 How I wish I could join you on your walks in the morning. Exquisite write 💝

  6. Thanks for bringing us all along with you on this well sung stroll, Merril. You captured it beautifully and the color contrasts in your haiku blew me away. Salute!

  7. Your morning walks sound wonderful. Since my mobility is practically nil, I really envy your walks, but I do so love to hear about them!

  8. The sky is such a great canvas that is never painted the same twice! One thing covid has done is to narrow our focus so we end up seeing things we usually did not take time to observe. Well done Merril.

  9. Lovely and what a gorgeous photo. I was thinking that I try to take all your wonders of nature and find them close around me, mainly in the house. I am kind of leery of outside right now because of VF spores (stupidly because I can’t get it AGAIN). So my cat Felix is a graceful and shy and vulnerable deer. I often see a deer when I look at him. And we had a lovely waterfall Sunday when the hot water heater broke.

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  11. I gaped at this photo on your Instagram account, Merril, and am so glad you included it here on your blog. It’s raining and foggy here in NE now on Thanksgiving morning, but if there’s a break, I will walk also. Walking meditation sooths the sorrows – like not being with family over this holiday and like missing our moms. Walking meditation helps us remember with joy those times we had with our family, and to appreciate the HERE and NOW. ❤

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