Straying, never staying still,
shimmering beacons, they will
sway away eternity,
shine for sailors, as they flee—
steadfast light in vast night sea
streaming from Orion—gone–
seven sisters, sail to dawn.

Pleiades, NASA, via Wikipedia Commons

For dVerse, Open Link Night, where Sanaa is hosting. I’ve missed the live meeting, but I got to talk to my sisters (and brother) via Zoom for Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating! This poem responds to Laura’s dVerse prompt on Tuesday:
“Write a poem using the PLEIADES FORM. . .Pick a ONE-WORD TITLE then write a SEVEN-LINE poem of SEVEN SYLLABLES whereby each line begins with the FIRST LETTER of your title.”

46 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. This is breathtakingly beautiful, Merril! 😀 I love how brilliantly you have executed the Pleiades form. Missed you loads at the Live event. Hope your evening is wonderful 💝

    • Thank you so much, Sanaa!
      I missed you, too. It was nice that we saw one daughter outside, and then did a family Zoom–another one tonight. It was certainly different with just my husband and me at the Thanksgiving table though.

  2. OH, this is so beautiful! The rhyme scheme is brilliant and your take on the prompt is one of the best of the best that I’ve seen; I adore the alliteration, that was clever. I love the night, sailor, and sea imagery–something that I think I see at times in your work. Brilliantly penned, it’s truly an honor to read your poetry with the imagery you employ. ❤

    • Oh, Lucy–what a lovely comment. Thank you so much!
      You’re right, I am drawn to water. I don’t know why, and I do write about the sea and sailors, though In know nothing about it really. 😀

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