Eat the Storms – The Podcast – Episode 13

The divinely delightful Damien B. Donnelly has a podcast–because he’s insanely, multi-talented, so of course he does! I’m honored to be on this week’s episode, along with poets Serge Neptune, Kari Flickinger, Annick Yerem.

Storm Shelter

Podcast available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Anchor, Breaker and many more platforms

This episode aired on 28th November 2020 and I was joined by poets Merril D. Smith, Serge Neptune, Kari Flickinger, Annick Yerem. The links to their websites, blogs or Twitter pages are all listed below…

Merril D Smith is on Instagram at @merril_mds and you can find Merril on WordPress with linbks to here books here…

Serge Neptune is on Twitter at @mermanpoet and his book is published by Broken Sleep Books and available here…

ElisaKari Flickinger is on Twitter at @KariFlickinger and can be found at her website…

And you can find her collection at Femme Salve Books…

Annick Yerem is on Twitter as @missyerem and you can also find her at her blog…

My debut collection Eat the Storms is available…

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27 thoughts on “Eat the Storms – The Podcast – Episode 13

  1. Congratulations, Merril! It was wonderful to hear your voice. I listened to the podcast on my walk this morning. I’m a subscriber now 🙂 I have a strange relationship with my voice. I love to read out loud, and the few times I’ve recorded myself, I was always surprised by the sound of my voice. I’ve embarrassed myself by speaking loudly when I wanted to speak quietly, but these things–these embarrassments–always happen when I’m around people and I’m nervous or trying to be spontaneous. Plus I have a slight speech impediment, but … . I love it when poets read their own work 😉

    • Thanks so much, Marie!
      I don’t like the sound of my voice either, and my stumbles in reading are a bit embarrassing, but there were only so many times I could re-record around cat meows and house sounds. 😏. I’m so not experienced with this, but I’m trying to get myself to do stuff like this–and I was so thrilled and honored to have Damien ask me.

      • Yeah, the part for me when I recorded my essay for Nightingale and Sparrow was how many times I had to start over … lol 😉 Like my handwriting, after awhile, things just start to fail. But think of how wonderful it is for people like me to be able to listen to your poetry. I’m so grateful for audiobooks and podcasts. They’ve expanded my access to so much literature and poetry.

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