Such Stuff

Odilon Redon, “Flower Clouds”

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on”
William Shakespeare, The Tempest.

We soar past sleep,
stop to eat

the stars—swallow as they glide,
we abide

outside and within–
of such stuff, our dreams begin

to flutter-float, winging high
to fly upon some glittery boat

then with a quivery sigh,
they drift away, whispering goodbye.

A quadrille for dVerse. Lisa is hosting and asks us to use the word, “abide.”

68 thoughts on “Such Stuff

  1. I love how you’ve woven one of my favourite Shakespeare quotes into your quadrille, Merril, and made a beautiful poem about leaving this world behind. ‘Abide’ is a very emotive word, I think!

  2. Love the “Tempest,” reference and the image; “winging high to fly upon some glittery boat,” 🙂 I prefer your poem to the original by Shakespeare 💝💝

  3. Merril, I knew this was going to be good when I saw that image. You’ve done an adult refashioning of Wynken, Blynken, and Nod. I’m delighted by every bit of your poem ❤

  4. I can always be captured by a Shakespeare reference and The Tempest is one of my favourite plays, Merril. I love the Ariel magic in your quadrille, especially the idea of stopping to eat stars, and that quaint and beautiful ‘quivery sigh’. A perfect choice of image, too.

  5. All of this has such a light feel, the stars gentle touch as they form our dreams – “flutter-float,” “winging high,” and “quivery sigh” – and of course the dreamy feel of the Redon painting.

  6. A magical ride or rather sail through art and the Tempest though the winds were quiescent and you launched into another sphere
    “We soar past sleep,
    stop to eat

    the stars—swallow as they glide,”

  7. This line from “The Tempest” is one of my favorite Shakespeare quotes. I love how you’ve used it as a starting point for your poem about the best possible dreams, the ones we want to stay in just a little longer before we wake.

  8. A beautiful description of so many dreams; while you are in them, the feel like they will last forever and as you wake (for me, most times) they drift away, beyond your grasp. I love your poetry

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