Beyond this Holiday

Gulls catching the cold wind currents, Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield.©️Merril D. Smith 2020

Monday Morning Musings:

On Christmas Eve, sugar-rushed
to cookie-coma amidst twinkling lights,
we settled, sofa-snug, with snoring cat,
as the wind locomotive kept rushing past
tumbling the tracks, but traveling on,
and I finally slept–

waking to coffee scent and gifts,
traces of dreams, trailing, falling,
like the rain, silver-streaking the windows,
before evaporating,

and now beyond grey curtains, the pale Christmas sun,
waits to make her entrance,

rising with hopes–
not if, but when—
we see each other again,
as the days grow longer
and the light grows and flows
through clouds to dance on branches

and brush the river with shimmering glow—
then, I hold this beauty close—the unexpected gifts–
that warm my soul within,

and I watch as a spirit flies from tree
on white heron feathers
winging toward dawn . . .

My shadow is a tree spirit. ©️Merril D. Smith, 2020

and a new day begins.

Late December Sunrise at Red Bank Battlefield

I know this is a very sad time for many people, and I know I am fortunate for what I have. Although I missed being with family and friends, I did have a good holiday. On Christmas Eve afternoon, we saw our younger daughter and her husband and puppy in the afternoon (when it started to rain, son-in-law came up with a creative idea), then we had fondue for dinner and watched Love Actually. In case anyone is wondering, you can use leftover flat champagne in fondue. I used the leftover bread to make baked French toast that we had for brunch on our post-storm Christmas Day, as we streamed a Blind Boys of Alabama Christmas special. It was very relaxed—the upside of no visitors and not having to be anywhere is that we had no schedule and didn’t have to worry about the house being clean.🤣 We Zoomed with family later in the afternoon and evening.

45 thoughts on “Beyond this Holiday

  1. I’m so glad you had a good holiday. I appreciate some of the quietness of it, too (and not having to clean house!). I love that your shadow has become a tree spirit. 🙂

    • I love cheese fondue.
      I know you watch Love Actually. Younger daughter watches it every year, too. I mentioned it to my husband, and he said he didn’t think he had ever seen it, so I said, OK, we’re watching it then. I liked that I hadn’t seen it in a few years because I didn’t remember everything. Husband said afterward that he thinks he had seen it before. 😏

  2. Lovely pics and prose Merril. We also watched Love, Actually – a first for us though our sons and daughter in law had seen it a few times and thoroughly enjoyed watching it again with us.

  3. “rising with hopes–” – and I’m clinging into it. It is always nice to see people going on despite of this interesting times. I love the shadow picture, by the way!

  4. Thank you for sharing your Christmas photos with us, Merril! (My husband and I also have COVID hair. I’m going to have to start wearing a hat for Zoom meetings.) Your river photos are particularly stunning today. I love your tree spirit!

      • You’re welcome, Merril. When I was in college, my hair was long enough to sit on. I certainly hope the pandemic doesn’t last that long! My husband and I had a good holiday. We did a Facetime gift unwrapping with our daughter and son-in-law in San Diego. Watching them open their gifts really made the day for us. And their two very naughty puppies added entertainment value.

  5. I have already eaten way too many cookies. Of course I love the shadow spirit, and also that peeking cat.
    My hair is also haircutless, but I always wear a ponytail, so it really doesn’t matter–I cut my bangs every few weeks, sometimes to better effect than others. And great skies! (K)

  6. You hit the nail on the head with your description of the frightful storm we experienced in Florida: ” the wind locomotive kept rushing past. . .” Fortunately the weather was balmy Christmas Eve morning when our family gathered on the patio to exchange gifts and snack.

    Your fondue photos are hilarious and the shadow spirit photo is priceless! 🙂

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