One Breath

Light through the clouds. The beginning of a new year. ©️Merril D. Smith, 2021

One breath—a cloud-blush
and almost away, a fiery, fever-dazzle
wakens, though you remember the ghost embrace,
you are given morning, one, then two–
each a secret unfolding–not always, but if,
a window opens to sea scent and wind-kiss,
linger in its whispered blue,
wait for the caramel light–and after
the soft laugh of stars.

The Oracle seems to be offering messages of hope at the start of the year. As usual, she knows everything. I looked out at a gray morning, but as I started walking the sun came through the clouds.

31 thoughts on “One Breath

  1. This is a beauty! And what is really strange is that it reads to me as though it’s addressed to the same person or future person my poem is about. You standing on one shore of the ocean and me on the other. Strange and really lovely!

  2. Light sky and stars…and a glorious photo too. I think we all have the same feeling today. Both you and Jane have images that would do to illustrate my words. (K)

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