Day 3: January Ekphrastic Challenge

Responding to all of today’s artwork for Paul Brookes’ Challenge, January 9, 2021, Day 3.


After the bang that breaks the silence
of nonexistence, of before all-time–
a closed fist opens, letting out light
in a rush of song; sailing sirens, the stars
attract, beckoning us and what was becomes ever-after,

never looking back,

we seek the end of darkness, beyond horizons
and the silvered-humming of the moon—
finding patterns in vast arrays, finding ourselves there—
made of stars, caught by time–and

15 thoughts on “Day 3: January Ekphrastic Challenge

  1. Oh, I’ve been missing your posts and this prompt! Noticed your post on twitter.
    I love that fist opening and letting the light go.
    Anyone would think the Oracle had a hand (no pun intended) in this. Did you see what I posted yesterday evening? Just fits this poem.

  2. Oh that was wonderful! I love that you made a puente using all three images. A closed fist opening to let out light is such a beautiful image. We need more open hands, don’t we?

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