See This Thing Hope

In the broken after,
see this thing—hope

in a vast universe,
find blue peace in perfumed air;
devour the delicious dazzle of color,
the light bubbling through champagne clouds–


the sky is alive with heart-rhythms,
and the sound of if and when
in the bright song of stars

traveling from afar, journeying to tomorrow.

My message from the magnetic poetry Oracle. She kept giving me messages about the current political situation–and then, suddenly, this one. I saw the beautiful feather above yesterday, and this morning, I saw eagles soaring high up in the sky (too high to get a photo). They flew past the setting moon and rising sun, and such beauty in the quiet morning raised my spirits.

30 thoughts on “See This Thing Hope

  1. The Oracle gave you (thus all of us reading here) a valid perspective on current politics. I am listening for the “if and when” with hope that we in the US are nearing a turning point long overdue. Crisis can deliver desirable change.
    A keeper poem! Thanks.

  2. I like the feeling of peace in these words. My heart is always lifted by seeing feathers, even if they mostly belong to pigeons. And I like the reference to Emily’s famous line. (K)

    • Thank you, Kerfe. I had to try the Oracle a few times before I got this poem. I see lots of feathers in the park–from geese I suppose, but this feather was particularly beautiful.

  3. Did you actually use magnetic poetry to write this? Impressive. I need to dog mine out. I love the randomness of magnetic poetry. Also, eagles? You are lucky. I saw a buzzard while walking the other day and a massive herron

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