Dabs of Color and Light

A frosty January morning.

The January sun is slow to rise
she shakes her flaxen head,
then dabs a bit of light—

there some color, bright
against grey, wheat, white,

the silvered-lawn sparkles–behold!

What’s to come? Black crow calls—more cold–
before summer blooms in colors bold.

A quadrille for dVerse, where De asks us to use some form of the word dab.

70 thoughts on “Dabs of Color and Light

  1. I love the imagery of the sun putting on her make-up for the day! I love her sparkle at the moment, but if she could add a bit of heat that would be perfect!

  2. This is absolutely splendid, Merril! I love the colour palette here with “grey, wheat, white,”// your poetic lawn most certainly sparkles! 😍😍

  3. Here in the Pac NW, we call those dabs of light “sunbreaks”. There is no heat in them, but those moments of high contrast and electric blue skies are great for photography.

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