Ekphrastic Challenge: Day Nineteen

For Day Nineteen of Paul Brookes’ Special January Ekphrastic Challenge, I’ve responded to these two works of art. These challenges are getting more difficult (for me).


With sharp-toothed anger,
the populace tears and claws–
then stops to celebrate
the gods—carnage and salvation–
sowing what they reap, in
exhalation and inebriation,
the world turned upside-down,
the rule of fools’ attempts to answer
what is, believing what was not.
Chance here comes,
fate is both baited and awaited.

Now what is we do not know—
but don a mask, break a glass,
hope for treats and not disaster.
A period of darkness comes—
but always light comes after.

25 thoughts on “Ekphrastic Challenge: Day Nineteen

  1. I just loved that angry buildup, the honesty, the descriptions of chaos that complement the works of art well in this piece. I especially LOVED how this went from dark to light in hope and seeking comfort in the warmth of such light. A beautifully written piece, Merril. I have never done an Ekphrastic form of poetry, but I can already tell how rooted it is to both the emotion in the art and what the writer (you) and the artist intend for their individual pieces.

    What more can I say? I love your writing. 😀

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