Ekphrastic Challenge: Day Twenty-One

For Day Twenty-one of Paul Brookes’ Special January Ekphrastic Challenge, I’ve responded to two images below.

The Selkie and her Daughter

In my dreams, you’ve returned to me,
from flowered bands and gold-sun sand
to swim beneath the cold blue sea–
daughter mine, away from land

we’ll swim beneath the seaweed blooms
and leap with spindrift from the waves–
we’ll slither into sea-ship tombs
and flitter through the Fish Queen’s caves.

Gone now, the peacock’s feathered plumes,
gone butterflies, and human arms
enclosed in sleeves inside of rooms–
farewell to cities, towns, and farms.

In sea-light, there’d be no regret–
the tide has always pulled you
from the world above, you’d soon forget
the birds and trees in deep-sea blue.

I wake to the reality—
I’m in water, you’re on land,
and I no longer have a hand
with which to hold yours. But I long to see

your face, your smile, your bony knees
And what will happen, what will be?
I’ll send you songs in an ocean breeze—
hear them and remember me.

I’m sharing this with Open Link Night on dVerse.

60 thoughts on “Ekphrastic Challenge: Day Twenty-One

  1. This is so beautiful, surreal with dream-like elements. How heartfelt and heartbreaking at the end—two different places, now only memories will remain. So beautifully expressed, Merril, I am always in awe and in wonder at your writing. ❤ ❤

  2. Tis’ fantasy and myth at its finest, a stroll, a swim into the deep, where light is sparse and legends still survive. Thanks for the trip.

  3. Love, love this especially; “In sea-light, there’d be no regret–tide has always pulled you from the world above, you’d soon forget birds and trees in deep-sea blue.” Exquisitely woven 💝💝💝

  4. Delightful. The sea weaves in this blue swashing rhythm and rhyme and you voiced it so well. A writer once said once that wave has smashed through you, you are ever half of the sea, a selkie in song.

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