Ekphrastic Challenge: Day Twenty-Four

For Paul Brookes’ Ekphrastic Challenge, Day Twenty-four, my poem responds to the work below by Kerfe Roig and Christine O’Connor.

Color Wheels

In autumn chill, leaves flame
against the bluest blue, then
the moon whispers the sky to violet hues,

“Be still,” she calls out to the wind,
but he doesn’t listen, just roars winter in.

I knit a blanket of grey-wooled dreams.
I window-gaze, wrapped up in it,
till I can open the panes wide

to greenery and pink-tipped spring,
and listen to the mockingbird determinedly sing.

27 thoughts on “Ekphrastic Challenge: Day Twenty-Four

  1. I love this, Merril. Winter will come, no matter what (and blowing particularly cold right now!) but we know we can wrap ourselves up in knitted warmth until spring and then summer return.
    I love that we have four seasons, to be honest!

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