February Snow

Monday Morning Musings:

Sunrise in January, Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield.©️Merril D. Smith, 2021

In this winter of confinement
in grey, I look for color and light
of moon and sun, a feathered message

or fairy glow

the still quiet of snow.

I cook and bake,
think how I will celebrate
in future days—
now I huddle and with cat-cuddles
dream, write, read

You can tell this photo is from the summer since I’m not all bundled up in layers of clothing.

and watch the river rushing go
noisy in the quiet falling of the snow.

Delaware River, West Deptford, NJ. The start of the February snowstorm. 2021

So. . .it’s still a pandemic, and I haven’t gone anywhere or done anything special, and there’s nothing much to muse about that’s new. It’s been cold and blustery, so we haven’t even gone for walks somewhere new. Right now, the news here is of the snow. Last year we didn’t have any snow at all, so this snowstorm is a big deal. We had some snow yesterday afternoon and night, and now we’re getting wind and sleet, but we’re supposed to have heavy snow (and wind) this afternoon into tomorrow.

Merril’s Movie/TV/Book Club: We watched the movie Herself (Amazon Prime). My husband and I both enjoyed this movie of an Irish mother who flees an abusive relationship and literally fights to build a home for her daughters and herself. The performances rise above what could be cliché and melodrama (and convenient circumstances); the scenes of domestic violence are handled sensitively. The way the two daughters played together reminded my husband and me of our daughters when they were little girls.
We’re part-way through Season Five of The Expanse (Amazon Prime). It’s a wonderful series. It’s the kind of sci-fi that I like, in that there are real plots and believable characters. It’s a much grittier than the Star Trek world. It’s about colonies and empires, and what happens to Earth’s colonies—Mars and “the belters”—those who have and those who have not. Season one begins with a mystery and a detective, and it goes on from there. It’s a complex show with lots of plot lines that intersect. I highly recommend it.
I’ve read some of Kate Atkinson’s more recent books, so I went back to read Case Histories, the first in her Jackson Brodie series. It’s excellent (though I’m not a fan of Brodie’s sexist comments)—but her writing is just so good, and I love how the cases come together and connect.

27 thoughts on “February Snow

  1. Usually your posts make me hungry, Merrill, but today I’m hungry AND cold! The snow sure is beautiful, though. I’ll take a look at the movies. You seem to pick ones I really like. We watched Soul on Disney Plus at a friend’s recommendation and loved it. Cute, but also meaningful Pixar movie.

    • The Expanse if really good, and I think you’ll like it, since you like complicated plot lines. We loved Orphan Black! We watched it as it was being aired–maybe at some point we’ll go back and binge it through.

      • Definitely will check out Explanse. And Orphan Black. Oh, I could go on and on, I only wish I hadn’t seen it so I could have that pleasure of newness again! I’ll offer one more. Person of Interest. Though the “you are being watched” theme is a little scary these days, and it is pretty dark, yet it manages to provide hope. I have also watched this twice.

  2. Sometimes hunkering down is a hidden gift. You still managed to take some beautiful pictures, write a lovely poem and share some good potential TV watching!

    • Thank you very much, Liz. I forget what day I took that photo. It’s still snowing here, but we had sleet, too, so we didn’t get as much snow as they originally said we would in the Philadelphia area. I guess north Jersey is getting much more.

  3. February seems to settle into sameness even without a pandemic. And yet your photos show how the world, even if in subtle ways, provides a fresh palette every day. I love Kate Atkinson too–rereading Jackson Brodie (sexist cad that he is and all) might be what I need about now. I wonder how long a wait I’ll have if I reserve it at the library…(K)

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