Wishes in the Snow-2

Whispers in the Wind, Part 2

Inside, in fire-glow,
away from the cold, away from snow,
we rested, in a refuge protected,
not safe, but for now undetected

by soldiers–or anyone—
no shouts, no cries, no guns,
no sounds, only the peaceful glow
of firelight, away from snow,

we ate the bread,
and settled there by embers red,
Manya told tales of a wondrous bird,
the golden peacock, and how she stirred

the winds, and carried words
unpinned from time—this magical bird
of wondrous hue, could soar through space,
bring words—or us!– to any place.

And so, we settled in the fire-glow,
away from cold, away from snow—
soon, I dreamt of peacock song, not scream,
coming from a golden gleam,

and there she was with wings so wide
that we could sit, and with her glide
into the sky throughout the night. Somehow, I know
far from soldiers and the snow,

I’ll hug Mama and climb on Papa’s knee,
we’ll be together, you and me,

we’ll watch the she-fishes, by the blue sea,

and we’ll be warm, we’ll laugh with glee

away from cold, soldiers, and snow. Free.

Another narrative poem. Part 1 of this poem (here) was inspired by the art of the ekphrastic challenge. Some readers indicated they wanted more to the story. The Golden Peacock is a symbol in Yiddish folksongs. Peacocks make a sort of screaming sound, but I imagine the Golden Peacock singing, perhaps like a nightingale, only even more beautiful.
I’m linking this to dVerse where Lillian is hosting Open Link Night, even though I’m posting this on Friday morning.

28 thoughts on “Wishes in the Snow-2

  1. This is so beautiful….a wondrous tale. I love the repetition “away from cold away from snow.” Each time I read it, it’s like I’m burrowing in, more cozy, warmer.
    I love the addition of the magical mythical gold peacock who sings and soars and takes them on a ride. It reminds me of the poems about Namrah I used to write. I’ll have to go back to those….and perhaps “phoenix” them 🙂
    I so enjoyed this, Merril. And the painting is wonderful!

  2. I’m glad the graceful singing golden peacock lifted the children up and away from it all. ❤ You know this would make a wonderful children's story and a great one to illustrate… I bet Kerfe could do it justice. Just sayin….

  3. This is exquisitely drawn, Merril! 💝💝 I especially love; “we ate the bread, and settled there by embers red, Manya told tales of a wondrous bird,”.. and the glimpse of hope in the end. May they be reunited 🙂

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