Monday Morning Musings:

“Best Things dwell out of Sight
The Pearl—the Just—Our Thought.”
--Emily Dickinson

The snow comes, goes
flows in feathered drifts
and shifts to icy pellets, then gifts
us with cold beauty. Shadows

fall long, as the sun lifts his sleepy head
and cloud-haze shuffles, to turn sky blue
and light sparkles on water, colors and hue
of winter wonder—but tread

Sparkling Water Spirit on the Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield. ©️Merril D. Smith, 2021

lightly on the surface ice
atop the snow–and yet the river rolls
with junk and dreams, holding souls
with visions—look twice–

is it ghost or bird?
What lies beneath?
Is it a boat? Does it have teeth?
What are your dreams? What is the word

Melting snow puddle reflection. ©️Merril D. Smith, 2021

that describes what you see?
What is the world that you feel deep
within? Begin to tell, or keep
it in. What is free? What do you want to be?

There are people with visions,
and people with sight—
not the same thing—they may fight
for light, but make wrong decisions

And yet, even hidden, a pearl will glow.
And who is to say, sight is better than feel?
Maybe we don’t need to heal
what is not broken, but let it be, to go,

to find beauty, falling in the snow.

We’re making up for having no snow at all last year, it seems. We had a lingering snowstorm last early last week, and then another one yesterday–though here just south of Philadelphia, we tend to get rain and sleet, which lowers the snow totals. But, since it’s pandemic, we’re not going anywhere, so it doesn’t matter. I saw the hawk from my kitchen window while washing dishes, and ran outside to try to see it closer. The crows were super-noisy and busy at the river the other day. I baked a cake for younger daughter’s birthday, and we dropped a present, and other things at her house, and we stood outside, masked and in the cold and talked for a little while. Yesterday while it was snowing, I decided to bake a second cake for us.

Lemon Cornmeal Cake

Merril’s Movie/Theater Club: Along with most everyone, it seems, we watched The Dig (Netflix) this week. We both enjoyed it. It’s about the 1939 excavation of Sutton Hoo. It’s a lovely movie, with fine performances and beautiful cinematography. The dig becomes quite exciting, even though this is definitely not an action movie. The movie is based on a novel, and both are based on actual events. We also streamed the Lantern Theater Company’s production of Molly Sweeney, a play by Brian Friel. It’s available to stream until Feb. 14. It’s based on an essay by Oliver Sachs, but it’s transposed to Ireland. It’s a moving story of a woman who has been blind since she was a baby, but is content with her world of touch, smell, and sound. She leads a full life, but her husband wants her to have an operation to give her sight. The play is set up as monologues—Molly, her husband Frank, and the doctor who performs the surgery. We both enjoyed the play and the excellent acting done by actors who never move from their positions on the stage. Oh, and we finished Season 5 of The Expanse, and now I want Season 6!

I’m hosting Quadrille Monday on dVerse, so I’ll be back later this afternoon! Hmm. . .I guess I need to write a poem for that soon. 😏

32 thoughts on “Vision

  1. “And yet the river rolls with junk and dreams…”
    Love this line. There’s so much there for imaginations to spiral around.
    We watched ‘The Dig’ and really enjoyed it. The story was engaging and the smaller stories within were, too. And the landscape is so breathtaking.

  2. Beautiful musings and photographs, Merril. I love the Dickinson quote too. I’m happy to hear the snow has finally moved out. We have sunshine today, but more rain moving in after tomorrow. I’m ready for some dry ground and warmer temperatures! That cakes looks yummy!

  3. I love the pace and feel of this Merril thank you. Many phrases stand out eg ‘cold beauty’. The photos are simply lovely, that’s one fine phone you have there! That cake looks totally scrumptious. The Dig is one `i want to see. I’ll check out ‘The Expanse’ – never heard of it. Have a lovely week..

    • Thank you so much, Susan. I have an iphone, but not the latest. I mentioned The Expanse in my last musings. It’s a sci-fi show on Amazon Prime. It’s excellent, about the have and have nots; colonizers and the colonized. Not cartoonish characters. 😏

  4. My PA sister sent me a movie of the latest snowfall, snowflakes falling gently and birds at the feeder, thankful for her largesse.

    Yes, we too liked “The Dig” and recommended it to our kids.

  5. Much prettier than our snow! And of course, water reflections and birds…the birds are definitely stirring here too. Noisy in the morning again.
    Letting things go is probably a good idea. A work in progress, always. (K)

  6. The gorgeousness of our snowy landscape makes us dreamy, doesn’t it? I am not a winter creature but I must admit all of these new storms we’ve been having creates incredible scenes outside of my windows. Snow flurries the size of pancakes. When the sun comes out the white sparkles like fairy dust. And the birds scramble on and under our birdfeeder. tweeting their wintry thanks.

  7. Beautiful, as always, in words and images. Every time I see reflections in puddles I think of you. 🙂 We have snow coming our way tonight. Or so they say. We’ll have to wait and see what’s there in the morning.

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