Caring, Sharing, Flowing, Going

Monday Morning Musings:

A Cold Morning ©️Merril D. Smith, 2021

Beneath grey sky, the river rushes
with icy determination,

Choppy water at sunrise on the Delaware River, at Red Bank Battlefield. ©️Merril D. Smith, 2021

listen, it calls

and the gulls squawk at intruding clans,
then soar in silvered colony at eagle’s wide-winged span

circling, I watch

for signs of color, signs of spring
secrets buried beneath the snow,

waiting, for light

no candles, just cake,
dinner, and wine, hearts entwined

Birthday Cake for my husband

we paint love
and drink poetry

the days still mostly grey–but getting brighter.

Delaware River at sunrise ©️Merril D. Smith 2021

Merril’s Movie/TV Club:
It’s still a pandemic, and we still haven’t gone anywhere. Since we can’t go anywhere right now, we had a Valentines/Birthday paint date for my husband’s birthday. I ordered it from the Clay Studio in Philadelphia. The package contained acrylic paints and brushes, clay candy dishes, Mod podge, chocolate from Shane’s Confectionary, and a scented candle. We supplied the adult beverages. He put his birthday crown on for our Friday night virtual Shabbas.

It was snowing and sleeting on his birthday, but we got Indian food over the weekend and watched the Netflix movie, I Care a Lot. The movie stars Rosamund Pike, who is excellent as the cool and totally amoral professional guardian. The other actors are equally excellent. The movie is chilling and somewhat terrifying in that it depicts how easily elderly or incapacitated people can have their lives and assets controlled by unscrupulous people. I wasn’t sure if I would like the movie, but as despicable as Pike’s character is, it’s hard to look away.
We also watched a Spanish mystery series on Netflix, The Mess you Leave Behind. It’s a stand-alone series with eight episodes. Raquel takes a teaching post in a small town in Galicia where her husband grew up, and everyone knows everyone, and everyone is called by their first name. She soon begins investigating the circumstances of her predecessor’s death. The series skillfully interweaves the two timelines. We liked the series, even though we laughed at how the teachers in this school only seem to teach one class each.

A typical day

37 thoughts on “Caring, Sharing, Flowing, Going

  1. Lovely musings.
    Funny, I suggested the Rosamund Pike movie for this Friday. Will be between that and “The Dig”. Or something completely different depending on our mood! LOL
    What a fun project to do. Love it.

  2. Love your artwork! I started I Care A lot last night but turned it off rather quickly as I could tell I wasn’t in the mood, lol. I do plant to watch it.
    Your photos are stunning, as usual! I enjoy them so much.

    • Thank you so much, Charlotte! It was a fun project. You can tell my husband and I have very different artistic styles. 😀 (And that I didn’t get the family visual artist gene.)

      I was surprised that I actually did like the movie. You might like the mystery series.

  3. Beautiful Monday musings, Merril. And your photographs…wow! They are gorgeous. I saw the cake on Instagram and my mouth started to water. It looks so delicious! I love the shot of “Mick” wearing his crown. Happy birthday!

      • Oh, that sounds so fun. I could never get the gardener to do that. In fact, I’ve been mentioning stuff like that occasionally to see if I can wear him down, but he’s so stubborn. Years ago he enjoyed making little Italian mosaics, but with his eyesight and his SLAC wrist he couldn’t do that any longer.

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