Before the Before, and After

Before the before
of star-danced light
and rippling time, before
there was what is now,
what was


in the after, in the bang and crash
of stellar flare and dust, there was
a time of infinite possibilities–


our meeting, or fate? All that was before,
leading to it. In the crash and bang of bodies,
we’re born

and give birth to others. And in the after,
the wonder of infinite possibilities,

chances we take, paths to follow, as the light
of the past twinkles on future dreams.

For dVerse, where Peter asks us to think about turns in poetry.

65 thoughts on “Before the Before, and After

  1. Again, your poetry moves me. I am always so joyful to see that others think in similar ways to me, which means in a way that is definitely hard to explain except when done in poetry such as yours. Exceptional.

  2. This is absolutely OUTSTANDING, Merril! 😍 I love the progression from cosmos to deeper emotion .. especially; “In the crash and bang of bodies, we’re born and give birth to others.”💝

  3. So beautiful, hopeful, poignant, and it’s full of creative wonder. Life, in-between, then death along with what we contribute to life and nature ourselves to continue the cycle. It’s amazing how you captured it all in your poem. It mesmerizes me completely and it is so beautifully penned.

  4. A lovely piece Merril – I particularly liked how you’ve brought together the themes at in the final couplet – destiny and circumstance – cosmos and chance combined – and there’s our brief lives – a flickering moment between the stars. Wondrous stuff.

  5. Beautiful imagery and a stunning turn, Merril! I love the phrases ‘star-danced light’ and ‘rippling time’, and the way your poem-coin spins on chance, linking the ‘bang and crash of stellar flare and dust’ with the ‘crash and bang of bodies’.

  6. So beautiful! I love:
    ‘In the crash and bang of bodies,
    we’re born’
    So true – and what follows is one set of infinite possibilities leading into another. A very hopeful poem 😊

  7. A well done work of words, Merril. I read it several times.
    The first stanza is brilliant! It’s like a tongue twister, but for the brain. It is a brain twister. I feel so smart after reading it.

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