The Dream

Christian Krohg, “Tired”

familiar, this
place, my house, but not—see
the walls dissolve, and I
am someone else

myself, I am
within, without—I am
fixed and infinite, I
am everything
I know.

For Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday challenge. The theme is dreams, which I love, because I often remember my dreams, and I often lucid dream. This is a double Badger’s Hexastitch: a six-line poem 2/4/6/6/4/2 syllables, unrhymed. I think each poem can stand alone. I don’t know if I did these correctly. 😀

42 thoughts on “The Dream

  1. You’ve really produced the feeling of a dream. I mostly remember fragments which are just on the edge of my waking mind, but every once in awhile my dreams take me someplace more solid. Those stay with me for a long time. (K)

  2. Absolutely brilliant writing, Merril. I love your use of the painting and how you slipped into another space and time. The hexastich is a fun form. It seems there are various ways to write it, so I would say just about anything goes. It’s open to interpretation. ❤

    • Thank you so much, Colleen. It’s how I often feel while dreaming. Though I’ve also had dreams where I knew I was dreaming–and I thought while I was dreaming that the dream was funny. Like part of me was laughing inside, even while the dream was going on.
      I chose the painting afterward, but it does fit.

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