Moon Song Blooms

Morning Moon with Gulls, Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield ©️Merril D. Smith, 2021

Moon song drifts,
over pink-glowed sea.
Gulls gather
to hear the
tune and circle-dance, catching
currents, sing along

with dawn moon’s
farewell. Remember
me tonight-

her refrain
floats, feather-white, and fleeting,
falls to warming earth

is planted
as sparkling star-gulls
flock to light,
and geese pair,
delight to share longer days,
and moon-song blooms white.

For dVerse Open Link Night where Linda is hosting. This is a shadorma sequence that I’m also linking to Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday challenge. I said about the top photo that the gulls in the picture look liked stars, and Colleen called them “star-gulls.” Originally, I was going to share a diatelle I wrote about the Hindenburg, which Linda mentioned on the dVerse prompt. However, I can’t ignore it was a Nazi propaganda ship, and the poem got very dark, and I feel more like celebrating spring today. Our crocuses are starting to bloom!

73 thoughts on “Moon Song Blooms

  1. I so adore the image “as sparkling star-gulls flock to light,” the whole poem feels like a psalm to Spring! Exquisite 💝💝💝

  2. This is much better than a poem about the Hidenburg!! These are my favorite lines:

    sing along

    with dawn moon’s
    farewell. Remember
    me tonight-–

    I just love the dawn moon’s saying farewell and remember me tonight.

  3. I love the images and the poem, Merril, especially the circle-dancing, current-catching gulls (we’ve had quite a few coming inland lately and landing on the football pitch opposite – they look like their having a game!) and how they become ‘sparkling star-gulls’.

    • Thank you so much, Kim!
      The gulls often gather in shopping parking lots around here (not that I’ve been to any in a year), but I like the thought of them having a game. 😀

  4. A lovely Spring-song!
    ‘her refrain
    floats, feather-white, and fleeting,
    falls to warming earth’
    This is so delicate and gentle on the ear, and warms my heart 😊

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