Would You?

Chagall, The Blue Fiddler

How is your life a language
of whispered dreams? Aches and honey
beneath the tiny thousand lights, crushed diamonds
shining to recall the delirious dazzle of before

~and if~

you could ask the fiddler
to play pink-petaled spring, would you?
And hold the sky still, timeless
for a moment, black blown away, birdsong rippling blue.

Another puente from the Magnetic Poetry Oracle. She knows spring is coming, and she was crying out for a blue painting. I almost went with Franz Marc, but this Chagall fits so perfectly.

39 thoughts on “Would You?

      • The sun is shining (between the clouds) and the wind looks like it will be felt (I still haven’t ventured out there). The weather app says it feels like 0 so… another bundle up kinda day!

      • There’s an idea! I have never listened to a single podcast in my life… But still. I think I will be investing in a rowing machine soon. For those days where I really don’t feel like being blown away or turned into a popsicle!

      • A rowing machine–wow! I don’t generally download podcasts. I just listen from my computer while I jog around the kitchen. It helps to have something you’re really interested in.

      • It was that or a stationary bike. But I’d like to get myself a bike this summer and then can get a doohicky that allows you to pedal inside.
        But yeah, I imagine time goes by faster when you’re interested!

  1. This is lovely! A blue poem indeed, and the Chagall was made for it. Our images are very similar (of course) and the sense is very like the poem I wrote earlier for Sue. She’s in the Oracle’s thoughts as well.

  2. β€˜~and if~

    you could ask the fiddler
    to play pink-petaled spring, would you?’

    Definitely yes! Lovely poem and a well-chosen accompanying image.

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