For the Women in My Life: International Women’s Day 2021

Swifter than swifts, the years fly,

time drifts
and shifts
passing dove-soft and eagle-fierce. Cry for

generations lost
mother gone, but sisters here,

my cygnets grown swan-regal; adoring and adored,

I’m fortunate
to have love, wisdom, goodness—

feather-winged treasures, these women,
the bird-goddess sings.

For dVerse, Sarah asks us to use the word swift in a quadrille. It is also International Women’s Day 2021. The theme this year is Choose to Challenge, so this is a small tribute to my mother, sisters, and daughters, who have all challenged life and norms in some way. Ingrid at Experiments in Fiction is doing an International Women’s Day Challenge.

75 thoughts on “For the Women in My Life: International Women’s Day 2021

  1. Thank you for joining in this celebration of the women in your life with your quadrille, Merril! I love the way you describe your daughters:

    ‘ my cygnets grown swan-regal; adoring and adored’

  2. Yes we (still here) do have a lot to be thankful for in the face of the pandemic

    Happy Monday, thsnks for droppkbg by to read mine


  3. A woman who is “dove-soft and eagle-fierce” is a “feather-winged treasure” indeed! This is a lovely tribute to the women who’ve gone before, Merril.

  4. I’m so annoyed that I missed Ingrid’s challenge yesterday, but I wasn’t well and struggled to complete my quadrille in time for dVerse. I love your tribute to the women in your life, Merril, especially the rhyming and gentle tone of the lines:
    ‘time drifts
    and shifts
    passing dove-soft and eagle-fierce.’

    • Thank you so much, Kim, for your kind words!
      I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well, but you can honor women any day. (And Ingrid probably won’t mind if you link to her.)

  5. Ah, Merril, this is so beautiful. You made my eyes prickle and my skin tingle. I love your use of bird metaphors through the poem – such great contrasts, but all tied together. it’s lovely.

  6. I can identify with SO much in this lyrical verse, especially “mother gone, but sisters here,” Birds are graceful, resilient and strong, like all the feminine influences in my life just as my memoir reflects.

    Lovely, Merril, and so appropriate for the theme of this month.

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