Spring Meditation

Ask, as if the still water answers
with blue-blown ripples, and
a tiny thousand lights sing of spring.

What is the question dancing out and in
from shadowed wings,
on the feathered limbs of just-greening trees?

Or this? How life comes
and ends, in whispered sounds
and pastel hues—

ducks quack and geese honk,
the buds of daffodils bob swan-like on sprouting stems–

you recall all the questions never asked
or answered–

she lived a long life,
her laugh mixed with bright blooms,
summer dreams in a garden

red and pink. Past and future are
heart-haunted, but sweet
like birdsong in honeyed glow.

Now, you embrace the after—
the flowering dawn and the caramel glow–and
the secret smile of the morning

calls to you, not why,
but always.

I collaborated with the Magnetic Poetry Oracle. She’s feeling philosophical on this first morning of spring, and I’m still asking questions.

50 thoughts on “Spring Meditation

  1. This makes me wonder if you’re speaking to your mother. She probably knows the answers too now 🙂
    Also, we got our poppies crossed. I had a whole string of red things that aren’t obvious. Now I know why!

  2. Truly haunting and mesmerizing. I loved the transition of ideas, and how well it flowed into passing, it’s very emotional and beautiful. As always, your work is visceral and beautifully expressed.

  3. So perhaps your mother communicates with you through the Oracle? it’s a lovely idea. Maybe some of your questions will be answered, or maybe you just always remember “her laugh mixed with bright blooms.” Remembering her laugh, though, must be precious. Beautiful poem, Merril xo

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