Spring Cycle

Monday Morning Musings:

Sunrise–almost Spring

On the first day of spring,
I take my shadow for a walk
she doesn’t talk—but the crows do
remembered views, the death and blight–

a year has passed
upside-down and inside-out,
and birdsong comes again, devours the dark
as dawn glows bright from each spring night

Spring Reflection

after winds of winter go,
and summer storms not yet here, she knows,
to go softly on tippy-toes, then stop, perch
till too soon off like a bird in flight

she soars—another year–
but while she’s here—oh!
She flicks colors with her feathered wings
yellow, pink, purple, white—the sight

of all these tiny, bright beautiful things brings
more song and whispered longings—
all things yearn, and we turn, yearn,
learn spring returns, despite

would-be tyrants and corona drops
spread from the unmasked walking brain-dead, threads
of lives unraveled and songs unsung—yet, listen, see–
birds, bees, tender buds in bloom—and the light!

Sunrise, Delaware River, West Deptford, NJ ©️Merril D. Smith, 2021

It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it? Now spring is back. The crows are once again very busy, the songbirds have started singing before dawn, and the light lasts longer each day. Even the cold mornings now don’t stay cold. There are still ignorant people spreading lies, and new strains of the virus also spreading, but hopefully, more people will be vaccinated before too long. I get my second vaccine later this week.
We started watching Shtisel (Netflix). It’s a family drama about a religious Jewish family in Jerusalem. We’re enjoying it. We’re still on Season 1. The third season is dropping this week.

I made chana masala and garlic naan on Friday night.

39 thoughts on “Spring Cycle

  1. Lovely musings today, Merril. I love the photographs of the flowers. I’m looking forward to some warmer temperatures this week and less wind. All of the beautiful blooms are blowing off of the trees.

  2. You begin with sky and color and end with food – sustenance all around. My favorite lines, so inspired:
    On the first day of spring,
    I take my shadow for a walk
    she doesn’t talk—but the crows do
    remembered views, the death and blight–

  3. Still no green on the trees, but I’ve seen a few bulbs sending up shoots. And a cardinal sings outside my window every morning. Wonderful photos! I especially like the trees reflected in water. (K)

  4. A photo-rich post! The last one is absolutely stunning … all aglow with gold. Lovely, and lovely poem 🙂
    It boggles my mind how disinformation continues to be spread, and by people who know full well they are lying. There must be a special place in Hell for them.

  5. A poignant poem! Thank you, yes, it’s been a helluva year.
    “the unmasked walking brain-dead” make me angrier than I have ever felt in my life!
    A working cohort of mine died last week from the virus. He was 50.

    • Thank you so much, Resa. I’m so sorry about the loss of your friend. It makes me so angry, too. You may remember that my mom died of Covid in the first wave last April. Yes, she was old, but if our former twice-impeached president and his followers had acted decisively from the beginning, she might have lived longer.

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