The Whys of After and Before

Why have I never seen the turn of spring to summer,
overnight the moonlight sings sweetly into possible

the cycles—storms to sun,
a daffodil, then a rose.

And if time winds through the shadows, why do I not see
that beneath the ancient after, all the befores–

a language barely spoken, questions asked and lost

like faded blooms. But still, the promise, like a smile, recalled,
in the robin’s song at dawn.

The daffodils are starting to bloom.

It took some work to get a message from the Magnetic Poetry Oracle today. I’m taking it easy after my second Covid vaccine yesterday, but the moon was humming early this morning and a robin was singing. Tonight is the start of Passover.

46 thoughts on “The Whys of After and Before

  1. We take for granted the changing of the seasons. It’s always lovely when we stop and see, truly see it bloom before us.
    Wonderful collaboration (hard-earned or not!)

      • For good reason, since you got your second shot 🙂
        Here, it is so grey, I am needing a swift kick in my behind to get out there and do my steps! I’m about to, though… Crazy March. Two days ago it was 70. Today, it is 37. sigh.

      • Yes, I was feeling exhausted all day yesterday. It was beautiful outside, but I never got dressed. Then right before dinner, I walked inside while listening to All Things Considered, and I ended up still with about 7,000 steps. Today it’s raining, but I got out for a walk before. I think it will be a cooler next week here, too, but not 37. 😀

      • Nothing wrong with a day of not getting dressed, I say! And look at that? You still managed to get 7K!
        I’m trying to get my butt outside as they are calling for rain, supposedly to start at noon. Then I have to bring my mother for her shot (finally) – here, we get the second one four months later because we are not getting enough supplies. Better than nothing…
        I’m hoping they have an extra dose for me 😀

      • Good luck with the walk and the shot! Wow–four months in-between! A friend of mine tested positive after he got his second shot–so he must have been exposed between his two shots.

      • Got caught in the rain and got home drenched… and all for a measly 4700 steps. Looks like I’ll be walkin’ as I’m watchin’ something!
        Oh boy! That is nuts…

  2. I thought my message would be totally different from anyone else’s today, but the feeling in both of ours is the same–
    “beneath the ancient after, all the befores”
    all those circles, waiting to turn (K)

  3. The change of season is a good time to pause and reflect. I’m getting my second vaccine this afternoon. I’m hoping for no issues since my next book is due on Tuesday. Wishing you and your family a peaceful Passover.

  4. I hope you’re feeling ok after your second shot. I especially loved these lines: ‘overnight the moonlight sings sweetly into possible’ – I do like the idea of things still being possible 😊

    • Thank you, Susan. There was so much bird song and action early this morning before the rain came. I’m feeling perfectly fine today, after being very tired all day yesterday.

  5. Your first line describes seasons in Florida. Usually we spring from winter to summer, but this year Spring seems to be lingering. it’s humid and warm but not so that we need the air conditioner on. That time will come too soon. I’m glad you’re feeling better. My husband felt very fatigued after his second shot and a coworker friend said he felt like he had a mild flu after his, but the side effects only lasted a day or so. A small price to pay for an extra layer of security. The governor here is opening vaccinations to 16 and over starting April 5. Maybe that will finally make a dent in our case rate. For my county, the median age for testing positive is 28. Makes me want to stay as far away from young people as I can 😉

    • It’s so funny how changes seem to happen literally overnight. That seems to be happening here with spring. I was SO tired yesterday, but I woke up fine today. That’s good that more people will be vaccinated soon–I know rates are rising again. Interesting and scary about that median age–the group that is gathering socially.

      • Yep, the young ones worry me. We have two universities and one community college in Tallahassee. It’s a college party town. I do see many young people wearing masks, but just as many not wearing them. There’s also misinformation. We heard a young man on the local news the other day saying he would be happy to be vaccinated so he won’t get COVID or give COVID to anyone, apparently not realizing that a vaccinated person can still spread the virus. It’s just the contagion period is shorter and symptoms milder. We’ll see. I’m just so glad I no longer have to worry about being ordered to return to the office 🙂

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