Poem Up in Anti-Heroin Chic

My poem, “Small Bites,” is up in the most recent issue of Anti-Heroin Chic. My thanks to EIC James Diaz for accepting this poem, and for his consistently beautiful journal. The first anniversary of my mom’s death is in a little over a week. She died from Covid. Please get vaccinated when you can and continue to wear a mask.

You can read my poem here.

My Mom’s Last Birthday Party Remember when blowing out candles on a cake was something we did?

I’m linking this to dVerse, Open Link Night.

49 thoughts on “Poem Up in Anti-Heroin Chic

  1. Such a beautiful poem! What a wonderful tribute to your mother…This is a poem that lingers in the memory, touching our hearts with the ‘bittersweet’ of life and love. You capture the mother and daughter relationship so eloquently. I love how you wrote that the children are ‘reflections’ of her. So lovely! I am so sorry for the loss of your mother, but I know she is so very proud of you! My father passed away in my early thirties; I always feel his love, a ‘reflection’ that never leaves my heart.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely, heartfelt comment and your very kind words.
      I suppose we are reflect in some way our upbringings and the world around us, including our parents. For many years, my sisters and sometimes daughters took my mom clothes shopping on Mother’s Day–so we were seeing literal reflections, too. 💙

  2. Family is a wonderful thing…each generation passes on all the gifts they have gathered within their hearts. The legacy of love remains unbroken. Love is the one thing that grows and grows and cannot be taken from us. Like the gardens in springtime, love seeks the light and reflects it back. We cry sometimes because we love so very much…and yet, what precious tears!

  3. Such a beautiful poem, Merril. Congratulations on having it published. I hope it gives you some comfort to write about your mom this way. From what you’ve shared about her, she would have loved it too ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Congratulations on the publication of your poem. It’s such a beautiful tribute to your mother and all you shared. I hope sharing her spirit with others will help ease the sting of the first anniversary of her death just a little bit.

  5. Such a beautifully poignant poem, Merril, especially the image of all of you being reflections of her. The photograph with its recollection of blowing out candles was also such a very apt choice.

  6. I truly loved hearing you read this today. The first stanza is so heartfelt…..and the line mother to daughter to mother so very meaningful to the changing relationship that often happens when our mothers age and we take on the parenting role.
    I did not realize your mother died of Covid….I am so so sorry for your loss.
    She was obviously a very special woman. 🙂

    • Thank you very much, Lillian. 💙 She was 97, but it was first lack of stimulation at the nursing home and then Covid that led to her death. (We think her roommate had it, and then the staff and other patients.)

  7. I am so sorry for your loss, Merril. This is such a beautiful, deeply moving tribute .. the memories of our loved ones .. continue to reside in our hearts.

  8. This is tender, elegant, and beautifully written. Hearing you read it yesterday was so engaging Merrill. It radiates warmth and love… and bittersweetness. Please forgive me. I wrote Kim instead of Merril in my Anti-Heroin Chic post. Kim was were I was heading next and I had brain lock. So very sorry.

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