May Queen, NaPoWriMo, Day 10

She sleeps in a thousand blues
of forest-shadowed whispers, waiting
for the world to wake, now in-between–

and in her dreams, she listens
for sky voices, the laugh of stars and birds remembering
the rhythm of days, tiny rose-tips, yet unseen

but when, not if, they come again
dressed in honeyed gowns of golden light, lingering–
she’ll wake to take her place, sweet May Queen–

with each embrace, she color-spaces
a trace of perfume recalls her paces,
and soft poetry where she has been, always and forever green.

I haven’t done too many NaPoWriMo prompts this month because I’m writing for an Ekphrastic Challenge, and there are only so many poems I can write each day! But, I always visit the the Magnetic Poetry Oracle on Saturdays, and today she gave me this sort of folk tale poem.

41 thoughts on “May Queen, NaPoWriMo, Day 10

    • Thank you, Ingrid! So sorry about the hail and snow. We had cold weather and some frost last week–I saw photos of a local place that had fires going to protect their plum trees. But now it’s warm again. Spring is crazy. 🤣

  1. This is a lovely, dreamy one, and the Waterhouse suits it so well. I love that opening phrase, it’s so Oracle-ish.
    We had similar images though with different thoughts behind them. I think the woman in your poem knows something…

  2. Egads, this is exquisite! Your Oracle has done well by you!
    (and I’m not just saying this because there is honeyed gowns mentioned in the poem!)

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