Once: Ekphrastic Challenge, Day 13

Once the harbor was a bustling place
of summer light, with salty tang– the sky a vivid blue,
all day and night, we gathered and chattered–of clouds no trace.
Once the harbor was a bustling place,
full of hope and sweet mysteries–our love was new,
but star-crossed by autumn storms–gone ship, captain, crew, you.
Once–the harbor was a bustling place
of summer light, with salty tang, the sky a vivid blue.

For Paul Brookes’ Ekphrastic Challenge, Day 13, I wrote a triolet based on all three works of art. You can read all the poems here. I haven’t written a triolet in ages, and I forgot how difficult it is to get so much in eight lines with the repeated lines and rhymes. But here it is. This will be my NaPoWriMo poem for the day, too.

46 thoughts on “Once: Ekphrastic Challenge, Day 13

  1. This speaks of a nostalgic moment captured in a sepia photograph. I get nostalgic when I think of Scarborough; last time I went there I was a girl of 18 πŸ˜…

  2. You definitely got a lot in eight lines … well done, you! It is a sad poem and yet … a sad poem with happy memories? You can feel sad about “what was” but still happy to have had the experience.

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