Wishes: Ekphrastic Challenge, Day 24

Inspired by KR 24, “Wishes” and JL 24 “Snipe”

Wishes glide
on many wings, some
slight flutter
newly born–
butterflies from chrysalis
dreams, desires seen,

soar and sing
as mockingbirds of
dreams. Or dove-
cooed clinging,
birds on a wire, resting,
still before the storm

gusts, blusters–
rising tide, wind blows
like the snipe—
creeping dreams, such feathered things
that soar, fly, drift, die

and again
reborn, spring-lighting
from winter
gloom, hatched to
buzz, sting, flitter, sing, and then
sometimes. . . they come true.

A shadorma series for Paul Brookes’ Ekphrastic Challenge, Day 24. You can see all the art and read all the poems here.

21 thoughts on “Wishes: Ekphrastic Challenge, Day 24

  1. Very very beautiful. This line was absolutely breathtaking:

    “soar and sing
    as mockingbirds of

    I enjoyed reading this. It’s amazing.

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