Spring Symphony: Ekphrastic Challenge, Day 25

Spring Symphony

of bassoon and flute,
the double-tonguing of the sparrowhawk, the reedy robin trill—
the tap tap tap tap tap
of woodpecker snare-drumming—pause–a half note rest—

now, April showers of marimba and harp.
then strumming, humming,
plunking, singing—allegro, with spirit!—

house lights down, soft spotlight
for the sweet lullaby of the moon.

Today is Day 25 of Paul Brookes’ Ekphrastic Challenge. We’re beginning the last week of this poetry month challenge. You can read all the poems for today here.

37 thoughts on “Spring Symphony: Ekphrastic Challenge, Day 25

  1. Today was the 1st day I could hear them outside my window, too. Better days ahead, but the poetry can’t get any better than this. Well done, Merril.

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