In Summer Joy

Recall the roses of summers past,
and the shining water, the glint
of something far beneath–
imagined creatures that swim
while seagulls swoop and laugh

~in summer joy~

we spent those seashore days,
within a golden haze, we walked, ate, read.
Between worlds, unbound by time—it seemed—
we thought—perhaps–it would never end—
the sandcastles, ice cream, and evening carousel rides.

A Puente for my dVerse prompt today. Come join us!
For many years, my husband, our two little girls, and I stayed at the same inn every summer in Ocean City, NJ for a few days in June. We always rented the attic suite, and when we weren’t at the beach or on the boardwalk, we took over their large shaded porch, as we were usually the only guests there.

80 thoughts on “In Summer Joy

  1. Oh those “sandcastles and evening carousel rides,” you make me yearn to visit the ocean! A most beautiful Puente, Merril! 💝💝

  2. I love the way you describe the sea as shining with a ‘glint of something far beneath’ and then change focus to the seagulls, like the sweep of a camera from below to above. The bridge is short, sweet and perfect. The internal rhyme days/haze is like a smile.

  3. Such fond memories! I have many from my childhood, but we’ve travelled so much I fear my kids won’t have the same. Maybe of visiting family in England, at least!

  4. Oy. Beginning to end to beginning again to end…Marvelous, evocative Puente Merril. Thanks for introducing me to the form. Awesome work indeed.

  5. What beautiful summer joys they are. I love those seashore days filled with sandcastles, ice cream, and evening carousel rides. Thanks for the lovely prompt.

  6. Oh! You brought me right back to our annual vacations down to the Jersey shore, camping with my sister and her family and often more friends. Sweet memories. Dang it. I wanted to participate. This working full-time really blows…

  7. Wonderful memories. Reminds me of summer visits to my aunt’s cabin at a lake. I love how you reminisce about endless summers … when I was a child, summers always seemed endless to me … until school started again 😉

    • Thank you so much. I’m happy I evoked those lakeside summers. I know what you mean about when you’re a child and summer seems to last forever (well, it is a big chunk, if you’ve only lived a few years). But I was thinking more of just how those few days each summer, time seemed to stop and we were just there without schedules and days to just relax.

  8. Wow, I’m at the tail end of a sweet dragon’s tail. This is a perfect illustration for the form. For 16 years on my wife’s birthday, we would rent a cottage at the ocean at Pacific Beach. We hosted family and friends for four days; such swell memories.

  9. Summer joy indeed! I think this place is as beloved to you as Provincetown on the tip of Cape Cod is to us. Such wonderful memories evoked here….an idyllic place to vacation with your children.

  10. Merrill, thank you so much for your comment on my poem. Your poem pulled me right into all your wonderful beach memories. We had similar traditions with our kids, and it was so fun to feel that sunny sandy joy. Thank you 💕

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