Kerfe Day: One More, Final, Final Day of the Ekphrastic Challenge

Kerfe Roig

A Rainbow Future After the Storm

Soft dove clouds transform to dolphin dark,
again change, and roaring black wolves

with a flash, then
the shrouded monochrome world becomes a tapestry,

a multitude of shape, color, hues. Here, a strand of azure,
here, emerald-green, glistening with diamond sparkle, woven
under and over

embroidered with the vibrant wishes of children—blue horses, red deer,
twinkling golden stars, a spotted purple dog, a striped-orange cat—

a collection, a connection of
smiling faces brighter than the sun,
dream of a rainbow future–
after the storm has passed.

There was a mixup with the images, so Kerfe has been given her own day! So, this is Day 31 of the challenge, Kerfe Day. You can read the rest of the poems here. Once again, thank you to all the artists and poets. It’s been a wonderful, creative challenge.

I don’t know why, but this song went through my head as I started to write.

28 thoughts on “Kerfe Day: One More, Final, Final Day of the Ekphrastic Challenge

  1. This is such a perfect ending to your month of poetry!!! Thank you for posting the Kermie video. I haven’t listened to that song in years. It was good to hear it again. Here’s to seeking our rainbow connection!

  2. I had to wait for the song to end because I didn’t want it to cut off when I posted my comment! What a perfect ending to this excellent poem. Now I have such a feel-good feeling! Thank you, Merril!

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