All the Dreams Seed-Sprung

Small seeds, scattered, sown
in sun-tilled ground, to sprout and grow

visions, love—what might be
ideas, art, poetry–

so–watered and tended, to propagate,

hopes, desires,
questions asked and answered—yes–
marriage, a family, paintings, books—or

starry-fields of flowered-dreams, seed-sprung,

I’m hosting Quadrille Monday today at dVerse. The prompt word is seed. Come join us!

93 thoughts on “All the Dreams Seed-Sprung

  1. I so love the idea of seeds sown so as to sprout and grow visions, Merril! 😀 This is exquisitely woven 💝💝

  2. So beautifully written and fits so well with that painting. Love brightening even the darkest of nights, even generations after we are gone.

    Reminds me of visiting the Van Gogh museum and reading his life story, walking from one sketch/painting to another. He was scattering seeds of love far and wide without even knowing it. Oh how he would be astounded at how deeply he has touched hearts the world over with the beauty he stopped to see and know.

      • You will love it, I’m sure. His work is just so incredible. Moved me so deeply. Both his story and his art. I live half an hour from Amsterdam, so am privileged to have been to the Van Gogh museum more than once.

      • Oh, how wonderful. We’re near Philadelphia where some of his work is at the Philadelphia Museum of Art–of course, we haven’t been there since before the pandemic, but hope to get there soon.

  3. Oh, what beautiful fruit springs from these seeds! Those final lines really cheered me up and made me feel hopeful after a pretty bad day, thank you 🙂

  4. I love the thought of those small seeds sprouting and growing, Merril, like Jack’s magic seeds. I’d love a magic beanstalk! I especially love the ‘starry-fields of flowered-dreams, seed-sprung, everlasting’.

  5. Really quite excellent. Way to lead the pack here. I’m not one for posting images to go along with my poetry (unless that was the purpose of the prompt!) but I must say you tied the two together quite nicely. Maybe Vincent planted the seed in your mind? Starry-fields of flowered-dreams. Heavens, that’s magnificent.

  6. Lovely. And this reminds me of the book my group is reading, Art & Fear. Artists are supposed to always keep a seed from a finished project to move forward from the next. Isn’t that beautiful?

  7. So so beautiful and magical. When we plant seeds, we never know what is to come and I love how you expressed it throughout this poem. Many possibilities!

  8. I love the crossover between the seed prompt and the starry field picture! Van Gogh’s brushstrokes remind me of a freshly tilled field and your words bring me right into the picture.

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