Mother’s Day

I thought of you as the sky turned gilded-rose
and brightened from indigo to azure–
you’d be wearing pink to match the dawn,
a white jacket to keep you warm,
your hair a silver halo.
We’d sit and talk, our voices like bird chatter.
The generations of fledglings grown would flitter
setting food before you, salty and sweet—your eyes would glitter.
“There’s more for them that wants,” you’d laugh,
and we’d laugh, too, the sound of spring mornings and love—
dove-winged it flies, circling from above,
to land just there within my heart.

Yeah, I went straight for the sentimental today. Remembering my mom. ❤️

42 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

    • Thank you, Marian. I appreciate your kind words. ❤️ I know you had a hard time with your mother, then your aunt, and your brother, too. Today wasn’t that hard, just different. Certainly not like last year.

  1. A belated Happy Mother’s Day, Merril. I know (because I miss my mother, too) this had to be such a difficult one for you. This is a beautiful tribute to your mother and her smiles. ❤

  2. “There’s more for them that wants” is an expression my Great-Grandma used! You always think of her in terms of the colours she painted with. Means you’ll see something of her every single day 🙂

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