We Wait for Magic

Monday Morning Musings:

Almost always,
magic appears in an unexpected blink
a deer-tail flash, a momentary glimmer, a pop of color
against the grey—

Spring Reflections ©️Merril D. Smith, 2021

feathered with goose down, streaked with heron blue and crow black
and there– the gosling gold tumbles amidst spring green.

The sun’s red and golden steeds gallop high, over
the cold, north wind, rippling waves, scattering seeds—

and new life grows. Bud to flowers, acorn to oak—
eggs hatch and children grow. A new harvest, a new vintage–
we toast the departed, throw a stone in river, a rock in a fire—
remember what was, cherish what is now— reflect and

3D Goose Reflection. ©️Merril D. Smith

watch for color in the grey, listen to the wind sigh, and mockingbird sing,
find beauty in each day, and wonder why, some cannot bring
hope or joy, but only want to destroy—still you cling

to thoughts of young who fling away old terms of hate
as seasons pass, we love, lose, die, create, accelerate—
and for nature or fate, we wait.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. We went to Blue Cork Winery in Williamstown, where our daughter works part-time. We enjoyed a Mother’s Day brunch. Unfortunately, it was cold, and then it rained. I wore several layers of clothing. Not the most flattering photos. 😀

Merril’s Movie/Theater Club: We streamed No Child (Arden Theater, Philadelphia). It was a wonderful performance by Taysha Marie Canales, who became all the characters in this play about a teaching drama artist at a school in the Bronx. We also streamed Nomadland, starring Frances McDormand. The movie received several awards this year, including one for McDormand and also director Chloé Zhao. We both enjoyed it very much—it’s a beautifully filmed movie that makes you think about what you have and what others live without, as well as what it’s like to be a “nomad,” the life McDormand’s character adopts, living out of her van as she travels and works. Trailer here.

30 thoughts on “We Wait for Magic

  1. ‘as seasons pass, we love, lose, die, create, accelerate—‘ such gratitude and acceptance in these lines Merril. Beautiful photos, I especially love the geese, which I saw on Instagram. I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day 😊

  2. This is beautiful all ’round! From words strung together with almost a lilt to the gorgeous accompanying photos. I tried to choose one favourite part. I can’t.

  3. Your photos are wonderful as always and you look great because you look so happy! I love how your poetry and photos blend together. We saw Nomadland a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I thought it seemed a little too easy for Fern and her friends to get jobs, but the movie packed in a lot for two hours. It’s interesting that Fern was really quite social but not willing to settle when Dave asked her to stay (but there she would probably always feel like an interloper). I’ve bought the book but haven’t read it yet. I told Greg I bought it to help us plan our future 😉

    • Thanks so much, Marie!
      I’m glad you also liked Nomadland. I haven’t read the book either. It probably explains more about the jobs. It seemed like she had worked at Amazon a few times though, so I imagine they rehired her and she could use them as a reference. She was quite social, but I think she felt trapped in houses. I think she only stayed in Empire because she loved Bo so much, but she commented on the all the desert land behind her house. Well, if you take on the nomad life make sure you continue your blog and photos! 😀

  4. Mother’s Day was (surprisingly) warm here in the Boston area. I ‘visited’ with my mom in my mind and prayers, and then wonderful family time similar to yours. Magic appears when family is together – I know you agree. Now…that wine looks rather magical as well! 🙂

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