The Seer Sees the Ancient Story: Quadrille

Seven times the wound I bound,
seven times I wound it round
with white-stitched cloth, now blood-red
the legacy of war.

Now, here the hero lies near death—
seven times, I conjure fate
hesitate with breath abated—
for furies wrath, to even scores.

A quadrille for dVerse. Lillian has asked us to use the word wound.

82 thoughts on “The Seer Sees the Ancient Story: Quadrille

  1. Well, Merril….if you were here in my living room, you’d have heard an audible sigh and the words “Oh wow” uttered when I finished reading this. The pacing, the repetition, the use in both instances of meaning of “wound”…The juxtaposition of the white cloth now red with blood….
    A powerful write indeed.

  2. I love this ……….. I write more often than I realize about the horror of war. Living through Vietnam and a husband there for one year left an indelible (red) stain.

    • Thank you so much, Helen. I’m sure that must have been an indelible experience for both of you.
      I didn’t know anyone in my family who had been in combat until my son-in-law, who was deployed three time in Iraq and Afghanistan (before he knew my daughter). No physical wounds, but definite mental/emotional ones.

  3. I read your quadrille aloud, like a spell, seven times, and it filled my mouth with sounds and rolled off my tongue! I love the rhythm, like an army drum, the use of compound words, the contrast of ‘white-stitched’ and ‘blood-red’, and the image of a war hero, bandaged and dying is tragic and powerful.

  4. So much packed in this. I love that the number 7 is symbolic for completion and how it increases the tension in its repetition and the expectation of imminent closure – a closure the reader is longing to abate with his very breath. Beautifully done.

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