Nature Waltz

They buzzed in their dance,
and we watched them, entranced
by the light, while the sway
of the blooms on display
played a waltz for this day

adrift in birdsong phrase,
a soporific daze . . .

we dozed some, but blink, think,
time’s gone with a wink, but
a phase, we forget, and
regret we forgot, yet–
how we swooned to the tune
of dazzling bee-buzzed day–
and yearning crooning moon.

An early dVerse post, where Björn asks us to “Meet the bar waltzing.” Today is also World Bee Day.

69 thoughts on “Nature Waltz

  1. The perfect response for World Bee Day! Bees are the best dancers. You’ve really aced this prompt with the fine rhythm, Merril. I like how you break it up with the middle lines then add in all of the assonance and alliteration of the final stanza to sweep it along to a beautiful conclusion.

  2. I love your World Bee Day Waltz, Merril! Sadly, the weather here is dreadful, we have the heating on again, and the bees have disappeared, – I’d been enjoying watching them in and out of the honeysuckle. I love the enjambment, which conveys that ‘in and out’ movement.

    • Thank you so much, Kim!
      I’m sorry about your cold weather. We had that about a week ago. We’re going to have hot, humid, summer weather over the weekend, and then it will get cooler, then hot, then. . .

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