Haibun: Flower Moon Dance

I observe the morning moon perform a high-wire act. After billions of years, she knows how to balance—movement in stillness, invisible and visible, silent in song. In her silvery glow, owls hunt, tides roll, and lovers kiss. Yet, time has no meaning for her. Past and future converge and separate in rippling waves. She smiles, watching us, then blinks and we’re gone. Or not. Our ghosts, like moonflower orbs, dance on in her light.

Pink petals bloom now
where once russet leaves drifted—
the moon hums, unfazed

A Haibun for Frank’s Flower Moon prompt on dVerse. I wasn’t going to do it because I’m so behind on reading—and everything—but, the moon. . .

75 thoughts on “Haibun: Flower Moon Dance

  1. I so love when the moon shines during the day… am looking for her now, as we speak (to use here… or I can cheat and use one from another time 😉 ) This is lovely, of course!

  2. Clever and creative. It always surprises me when the moon sticks around after daylight. Perhaps it’s the longer summer days?

  3. A lovely lunar capture, Merril, in your photo and your haibun. I like the thought of the moon performing a high-wire act and yes, I’d be shocked if she didn’t know how to balance after billions of years! I love this: ‘She smiles, watching us, then blinks and we’re gone. Or not. Our ghosts, like moonflower orbs, dance on in her light.’

  4. Lovely, just lovely!
    I need to get out to the countryside.
    I keep thinking I hear the moon humming
    But it’s the 60 cycle hum from the burrito place next door.

  5. An unfazed (un-phased) moon tickled me. Even a new moon is a phase.
    I remember reading a story of the worlds first peoples and how the shaman priestess made new initiates stay awake at night for a month to etch the moon’s phases in a clay tablet – I think that part may have been based on an archeological find of such a tablet.

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