Questioning the Moon

Odilon Redon, Beatrice

She asks if the Moon sleeps
to dream of diamond after-light sparkling
through the storm-swept cosmos?

And if she could stop Time,
would she?
To hold with aching heart
Sun-beauty, to taste the sweetness of summer
in rose-petaled glow, and watch purple seas pound the rocks
as shadows whisper, this is for the living.

But she sees it all,
the blood rust and blood lust,
honeyed radiance, and rain falling like laughter.
She hears the laughter, she hears the tears–
her face remains impassive, but she hums, sometimes gently
sometimes fiercely—
a thousand nights, a million,
they are all the same and each one different.

Today’s poem is a collaboration with the Magnetic Poetry Oracle.

48 thoughts on “Questioning the Moon

  1. Wow! Really, Merril, this is poem is just outstanding. Yes, that last stanza is amazing. I wish I could explain why I love this poem so much, but, yeah, I’m at a loss for words … lol. You know, I heard a poet say the other day that she likes writing poetry because she feels you don’t have to explain poetry like you might an essay or short story. I want to say that I like reading poetry because I don’t believe i have to explain what I like or love about it … I just do 😉

  2. Fabulous! You and your oracle… should be a song.
    Like a Me & Booby MaGee kinda thing
    Lol! Maybe you should write a poem about your oracle!

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