Green and Growing

Monday Morning Musings:

In June, my world is greening, growing
high, the sky in shades of blue and grey,
but showing a spark, a glow, some bit of light,
even on a cloudy day

before daybreak, the robin sings, brings
the pink of dawn, so bright, the sight
awakens geese and bees to hover on
some golden flowers, and in delight

the little ones scamper, goslings, rabbits, deer
hiding in the shade, wade through bushes for the blooms
of orange, yellow, red, violet, and green
growing, knowing all too soon

the colors fade,
but grandmothers with grey-haired wisdom weigh
and know how plants, pictures, stories grow
when nourished with love sway past grey, to stay

beyond June, in memory greening, growing,
like the mockingbird’s song all night and day
holding heartache into laughter flowing–and showing
a path to make everything okay.

Merril’s Movie Club: We watched Minari this week. We both liked this lovely, tender movie very much. It’s the story of a Korean American family trying to make their own American dream on a farm in Arkansas. The dream is really the husband’s, which causes some conflict in the marriage. Yuh-Jung Youn, who plays the grandmother, won an Oscar for her role. She plants minari, a leafy green plant often used in Korean dishes, and also creates a bond with her grandson, after a rocky start.

Thinking about the movie and seeing all the color in this growing season made me think of my mom. She didn’t know anything about planting, but she did teach my children how to see plants and how to paint them, and she loved flowers and color.

Some paintings by mom, Sylvia Schreiber.

We went to Vino and Vibes at William Heritage Winery with daughter and son-in-law, and we returned there on a Sunday for a members’ only event.

42 thoughts on “Green and Growing

  1. Thank you for this splendid blog post. Your poems flow so gracefully and wisely with your great photos. Love seeing hydrangeas (ours aren’t blooming yet), your mother’s paintings, and the faces of you and your family! Also the photo of mac & cheese with glass of wine makes me hungry… yum!

  2. Your poem and photos play so well off each other to convey the quintessence of June. Until reading your post, I hadn’t really thought in any depth about why I enjoy June so much. Now I know!

  3. Happy days. And as always, wonderful glimpses of the natural world.
    My local cardinal is singing and singing right now, although I can’t locate him. Birds! (K)

    • Thank you. Luanne!
      We streamed Minari from Amazon Prime. It’s probably available On Demand and maybe some other platforms. It was actually just playing at a real theater in Philadelphia.

      • I get Amazon Prime! We almost never go to a real theatre. The gardener’s back hurts and he can’t eat the popcorn because it’s not gluten free, so the smell makes him sad.

      • It’s a slight rental from Amazon Prime–maybe $5? We used to go to the movies all the time, but we haven’t for over a year now. We don’t get popcorn very often. 😀

  4. So much love, laughter, and light in these photographs! 🙂 Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers…the pink and blue blend is marvelous. Thank you for sharing your June world with us…

  5. Such a lot of life in your life! All those babies and growing things. Your mother’s paintings are lovely! I especially like the two still lifes at the bottom, all blue and red.

  6. Oh, I love your mom’s paintings. What a wonderful vision!
    Your photos are wonderful too 🙂 How nice to have a winery nearby. My husband and I had a favorite when we lived in CA (V. Sattui). They have lovely picnic grounds and a deli, and we enjoyed lingering there. About a 90-minute drive I think, one way, so we didn’t go often. Lots of fond memories, though.

  7. You always have such great nature shots. Do you live at the water’s edge?
    Or are you in a sparsely populated area?
    Should I do musings on my surroundings, they would probably be bruisings.

    • Thank you, Resa. 😀
      We live in a sort of suburban area, but not a development. It’s a tiny borough with a park that’s on the Delaware River. There was a Revolutionary War battle there. There are also some other places I can walk to that lead to the river, and there are some wooded patches and grasslands. But we’re only about 20 minutes from Philadelphia.

      • Sounds perfect!
        It’s a definite that our surroundings effect/inspire us. LOL or infect us!
        I’m going to write some prose/poem when I’m in my neighbourhood alley. I love the art in it, but it’s been 2 years since any new art has appeared there. So, why not write a few lines…. I really do love being in alleys.

      • So true. 😀 South Jersey has its own vibe. We’re not from here originally.
        If you ever get to Philadelphia there are some cool alleys. They were originally where laborers and craftspeople lived, but now some are expensive/historical areas. Of course, there are more typical city alleys, too. 😏

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