Moon-Mad and Dreams

Ilya Repin, “What Freedom!” Wikipedia Commons

Moon mad, what were we to do
but urge our dreams through
timeless sprays of diamonds?
The shadowed sea whispered
as if sending a song soaring

~bird-winged, delicate, but infrangible~

like love, I say,
both storms and spring rainβ€”
there do you smell it?
Petrichor and roses, salt and rust
carried on a fiddle beat from here to hereafter.

Our wedding anniversary is coming up, and the Oracle gave me a puente for it. The first three lines are exactly what she gave me, and then we collaborated for the rest.

24 thoughts on “Moon-Mad and Dreams

  1. I just got my collage of this painting out of storage so I could hang it in my new apartment. I’m amazed at the parallel images and words the Oracle gave us, even though they refer to opposite emotions. A wonderful puente of celebration. And Happy Anniversary! (K)

  2. Same words as Kerfe but so different! The poem is like the conversation between the two in the painting. I’m sure your ancestors must have come from Russia or Eastern Europe, and they have something to say in so many of your poems.

  3. A perfect anniversary poem! I love the last two lines. They soar.

    I’ve seen the painting used as a writing prompt because I remember thinking that the story I would tell is of expensive clothing ruined by sea water and an unhappy wife.

    • Thank you very much, Liz!
      Yes, I’ve used this image several times. That’s so funny about your story–so totally different from anything I’ve written using it. πŸ˜€

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