This is When

Monday Morning Musings:

Almost summer solstice. Reflections on the Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield. June 2021. ©️Merril D. Smith

This is when the world takes wing
in the turning of summer from our spring
when everything becomes lush and greenest green
the grass and leaves

sigh in gentle breeze and rustle in the storms
as cotton ball clouds flower to take new forms
and azure sky turns charcoal-hued
until another day spins by

Driftwood. The Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield. ©️Merril D. Smith,2021

another day older, children fly
out the door calling good-bye—
chicks and goslings grow so fast,
you hold the thoughts to make them last.

I saw this eastern box turtle about to crawl under the park gate. Look at her beautiful markings. ©️Merril D. Smith, 2021

And so, now the days grow slowly darker,
imperceptible at first, no marker
for the shadows cast, till autumn comes
and winter’s darkness cast

but in shadowed darkness the light never disappears—
despite our worries and our fears,
we make another turn round our glowing star–
do we measure it in miles or hours—the journey how far?

Seasons of love, freedom, and glory,
we celebrate each story
in the turning from spring to summer
when the world, despite everything, yet sings

in robin trill and mockingbird song
all night long, and all night long
the dreams drift from sea to shore,
where in the past our children played

and in some world, I think
perhaps still do.

Sunrise on the Delaware River

Saturday was Juneteenth. President Biden signed the law making it a federal holiday on Thursday. Fourteen Republicans voted against it. I found this post from several years ago by Henry Louis Gates on the history and relevance of Juneteenth.

Yesterday was Father’s Day. My husband Zoomed with older child as they worked on a woodworking project together. He’ll get together with younger child later this week. It was also the summer solstice, and it was a hot, but beautiful day. I got my husband this Father’s Day t-shirt to add to his collection of nerdy shirts, and we tasted two of the three red wines we still had left from my wine-tasting box. It looks like you have to click on some of the photos to see them properly.

Our anniversary is later in the week, and that’s the time of year we used to take our children to Ocean City, NJ for a summer vacation.

44 thoughts on “This is When

  1. Happy Monday to you, Merril!
    A lovely celebration of the summer solstice told as only you can.
    Love the shirt and your photos are, as always, sublime!

  2. I love the now and then father’s day photos.
    We’ve had those sudden grey skies too. And what a beautiful turtle!
    Republicans have lost all sense of…well, anything. (K)

  3. Your poetry ALWAYS connects with me, within me. This one is no exception. How fast the time flies, and this is my favorite season now – Summer – I think because I need the sun, the light, the bright promise of longer days, not shorter ones. They’re short enough, by god. I love the idea that in some way, our children are still… kids… running in for some cookies and milk. Happy Anniversary! Ours is in 7 days – to celebrating love. ❤

  4. I’m reading in reverse order. This poem is very like the one you wrote with the Oracle today (Saturday). You had such specific things happening to comment on, but the drift is the same in both your poems and in the one the Oracle gave me, even though mine is darker. Lovely experiences 🙂 You’re right to take photos. I never do and I always regret it!

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