Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield, July. ©️Merril D. Smith, 2021

Does the fiddler recall the shadows or sun?
Dreams of a sweet peach sky, or
the languid light of in-between
~and if~
you ache for sea and diamond night,
feel it in the chill wind’s tongue licking your cheek,
and the whisper of its ancient song
across a thousand miles and worlds.

My poem from the magnetic poetry Oracle. She obviously knows what is going on everywhere, and most of the words came from her. The photo is from my walk this morning. It is cooler today after the thunderstorms yesterday, and we might get more today.

39 thoughts on “Beclouded

  1. Beautiful, Merril.
    The weather has gone from suck your energy hot and humid to need a sweater chill! I know the hot is coming back though 🙂

  2. Holly is right! You are very talented. This poem (& others you’ve written) prove that.
    Oracle can take a mini bow….but…..
    I had a look over at Amazon at The Encyclopedia of Rape.
    I’m honoured to know you.
    That must have been horrendous to work on.
    I did costumes for a movie “Our Fathers” based on the book – Our Fathers: The Secret Life of the Catholic Church in an Age of Scandal, by David France.
    I was given a hard cover edition of the almost 700 page book.
    The first part was excruciating. Then when I got to the part about how cardinal Law and how the Boston churches fell into hands of justice, I was cheering… sort of. The rape victims, mostly young boys then, are still not recovered.

    Damn book was heavy as a rock! It leapt out of my hands, and broke my big toe, left foot.
    Worked for 3 months with that broken toe.
    Did I already tell you this?

    • Thank you so much, Resa!
      No, you didn’t tell me about your work on that movie. So, I’m honored to know you, too. 💙
      I did another rape encyclopedia–long form articles–but it is contemporary rather than historical.

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